Who CARES if Trump refuses to accept the election result?

Democrats have already accepted a rigged result.

Ed Rendell (D) former governor of PA has already questioned PA vote results PUBLICLY.

A Trump refusal to accept the election result (especially if it finished out with a 3-7%) result as it seems likely today would make him a Burr like pariah with a then RUINED brand, name and future.

And being a politician how many believe HRC would not say in a Florida 2000 finish, that Putin rigged the final result and get the backing of “17 intelligence agencies” (calling Mike ‘I changed the CIA analysis of Benghazi to a video and now oppose Trump’ Morell)?

How MANY TIMES in our history has a nominee called the opponent a ‘puppet’ of foreign powers?

The MSM has controlled the question being Trump’s refusal rather than Clinton’s

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