The Genius FP Professionals and Professionalism #EPICFAIL

The best of the best have guided and cajoled Mr. Obama towards the idea that China represents a major threat to the USA and our allies (true) and that we need a ‘pivot to Asia’ ..not really..we face a panorama of threats. But to underpin this major FP shift we had our allies, namely..





Take good look at the map of the western pacific where all the islands in dispute and their natural resources lie.


Only the Philippines are on this map.

As an ally THEY ARE NOW GONE, having determined we cannot be reliable allies, and the Chinese, being totally amoral and interested only in their own gain, understand a longer term in brutal reality than we do, since the American people, in electing a unicorn twice, have chosen their place in history.

In China, Duterte announces split with US: ‘America has lost’

The so called PROFESSIONALS who deride, ridicule, look down upon, and finally IGNORE out of their own arrogance the people, have led to this set of failures so huge in terms of strategic shift it will take 2-4 generations to reverse.

They use  a Trump’s NEGOTIATING FORCE TO GET CERTAIN NATO MEMBERS TO ACCEPT FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, as a hyperbolic political claim he wants to end NATO, and yet here in the REAL WORLD is breathtaking political and STRATEGIC MILITARY FAILURE.


Back in August, I said this:

You have FAILED. You are all members of an elitist, and by FACT, FAILED political class.

Your dunning is the scare tactic of FAILURES

‘We failures, being failures, cannot abide the idea of some other set of ideas we cannot comprehend and scaring us, scaring others, and resulting in scenarios we have failed and cannot predict, control or figure out.’


These people are, as a group, one ROBERT GHORMLEY to Trump’s EJ King

This nation, in foreign policy has UNQUESTIONABLY declined since 2001.

Afghanistan – FAIL

Iraq- FAIL

Iran – FAIL

KSA – despises us and has no respect

Japan – worried we are undependable

China – challenges us without fear in every manner

Australia – openly considering (IN THE PRESS) if their future lies with China and not WESTERN IDEALS, and the USA

Israel – seeking better allies, but temporarily stuck, and MAY end up with China

Egypt – gone to Russia after we favored those who HATE US, the Muslim Brotherhood

Russia – resurgent in brutal manners with neighbors (Crimea, UKR), loss of respect for NATO, making closer alliances with BOTH Iran and Israel (high end, high tech DRONES, anyone?), moved BACK into the middle east as Obama FAILED UTTERLY in making the ‘RED LINE’ then abandoning it

CIA – FAIL with Iran NIE of 2007, FAIL with caving in on Benghazi talking points as Director Morrel  PERSONALLY writes fictional talking points for Susan Rice for the express purpose of lying to the entire USA, and now endorses the ultimate product of this long list of FAIL, HRC.


FAIL, FAIL ,FAIL and they have the gall to imagine their ‘gravitas’ should bear consequence.

It should, just not the gravitas they imagine.

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