Why Obama ***SHOULD*** pre-emptively pardon Hillary Clinton, and ONLY Hillary Clinton

(for any crime committed over her emails, including perjuries, not anything regarding the Clinton Foundation)

  • I do NOT want to see Congress tied up in ANYTHING else but implementing the changes which are compulsory
  • I do NOT want to see partisan divisions in Congress ENHANCED, and they will be so that Democrats in Congress and the Senate oppose EVERYTHING
  • I do not want to see the divisions in the nation driven to such a degree that any case can ever be made that a political vendetta has now become a PRECEDENT, this is not ROME 90 BC
  • I want another FBI director to conduct the investigation into this AND the Clinton Foundation in SILENCE
  • I want to see if any other crime has been committed by underlings acting at her direction or with her tacit approval (‘will no one rid me of this troublesome priest?’)

This is all best achieved without the over arching and mesmerizing idea of HRC in jail.

Obama will do the nation a favor by taking this heat, and it will be hot.

Besides, in doing so, it is a tacit admission that HE recognizes wrongdoing, and that we all should.

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