Amanpour, Fake News, Fear Mongering, Objective Fact and AUDITING REPORTAGE

“First the media is accused of inciting, then sympathizing, then associating — until they suddenly find themselves accused of being full-fledged terrorists and subversives. Then they end up in handcuffs, in cages, in kangaroo courts, in prison — and then who knows?”

This is Amanpour’s underlying reason to call for ‘journalists’ to ABANDON NEUTRALITY for ‘TRUTH’.

The problem is truth. To Ms. Amanpour (actually Mrs. James Rubin, worth $12.5m herself, wife of the Assistant Secretary State for Bill Clinton ) truth is 5 degrees past the worst paranoid belief about Trump.

Truth is the danger that he is, as she put it, an “Erdogan, Putin, the Ayatollahs, Duterte”..notably she left off CHAVEZ, a man whose racism is unarguable TRUTH, or the man Obama appointed to the FCC, Lloyd who OPENLY admired Chavez who forced the oldest TV station in Venezuela of the air for opposing him. It would not be because he is a leftist would it?

An audit of the path of the TRUTH in the case of Steve Bannon, the alt-right, is instructive.

Media Matters owned and directed by a man who is an ADMITTED Nazi collaborator during WW2, and who admitted specifically this, and who told Newsweek he had NO bad conscience over it, hired David Brock who ACCEPTED the words of a woman in the midst of both a divorce and a custody fight that Bannon told her he didn’t want his girls to go to private school with a bunch of whiny Jews as being factually correct and objectively true.


I think we know. This is the KGB famous grain of ‘TRUTH’ in a dizinformaziya campaign.

Did Bannon say this? Did he mean it? (HE SENT THE GIRLS TO THE SCHOOL IN QUESTION..look it up)


This was then added to alt-right articles (actually EXPLANATORY in nature in most cases) at Breitbart to construct  right wing, anti semite, racist, fascist dream team of condemnatory talking points.

Other stories from Huffington Post and the like that Bannon ‘boasted’ he had made Brietbart into a program platform for this ALT-RIGHT follow this. I searched for this boast and found nothing.

Likewise the entire brouhaha over the NPI, the National Policy Institute which is the supposed beating heart of the ALT-RIGHT. We all remember what Sanchez fired off in his famous CNBC rant after Obamacare was launched. Millions of, in and sympathetic to the ideas of the Tea Party (fidelity to the founding doc, and financial responsibility in govt) filled the streets. Well, the NPI held its national rally this past week. Politico reports about 150 attendees and as many reporters.

WHAT ALT-RIGHT MOVEMENT? 150 sick pseudo thinkers so filled with diseased inner compulsions they, like David Duke imagine Trump/Bannon are blowing the secret George Lincoln Rockwell Reich whistle?

Salon and others, including FORBES, who quoted Salon , who quoted Media Matters then build the scaffolding around which stories devoid of objective reality become repeatable believable … INCITEMENT.

You know, like certain people get told over and over in the same way that Jews are stealing their organs for other rich Jews.


This is fake news every bit as much as Obama signing papers to open the border.

But this is the TRUTH Amanpour is afraid will be denigrated.

This is why I believe NOTHING I see or read. I do my own follow up and then I decide.

There is no alternative.

What can be believed?


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