Darwin and the Presidency

One of the large issues I had with Obama was his failure to lead the nation by failing to find the path to lead both sides of any argument, or both parties to a solution.

Trump now faces a Bolshevik opposition. Not in the sense these people are dedicated Communists (they may or may not be, I really don’t care). But in the sense that before any bill, notion, policy or theory is advanced it is opposed by all means and to all degrees without reservation because the proponents of the idea, AND HIS SUPPORTERS are evil, and cannot be compromised with, or so stupid and red necked yahoo, they are too ignorant to deal with, and thus are supporting evil.

Trump now has a majority in the Senate and House. His real actions should be to get his nose on the grindstone and ensure Ryan and McConnell, who undoubtedly feel presidents (esp Trump) may come and go, but the institutions of the Senate and Congress will go on. This, of course, while frustrating is what the founders intended. The human ambitions and weaknesses of each branch oppose each other. How cynical! How right.

Trump has to be ready not to jam things thru but to get things thru. He must find that leadership path, and he must recognize NOTHING HE DOES will have any support by any Dems (except fair trade actions, and he will lose the free traders from the R side on that..hey Ryan, wake the fuck up, btw). For this to happen he has to make deals with the odious McConnell to bring about swift nuclear options, or demand a 2 year blanket nuclear option on every vote, and be ready to negotiate the price for that.

Never mind the Russia-NSA-whatever investigations, now. Let that take it’s course.

SERIOUSLY. Especially since, as I suspect, as a MAYBE, the wiretaps were done by foreign ‘friendly’ intelligence services (remember the CIA tapping Merkel?) and the product making it’s way back to ‘us’ during the campaign therefore giving EVERYONE complete deniability (the Russian Trump ‘dossier’?). How badly, after all, did Merkel, Hollande, and other NATO members, or Pacific ally want to see Trump defeated rather than face an uncertain, nationalist USA?

But the Wall, the Tax Reform, Immigration, Fair Trade, the economy and Bolshevik opposition aside there are other EXTREME dangers growing.

It is NO COINCIDENCE that despite Trump’s OBVIOUS predilection to let no offense go unpunished with a vicious, world changing response we see SIMULTANEOUSLY North Korea launching banned missile after missile, Iran doing something similar (did anyone notice they launched a ballistic – not cruise – i.e. guided missile which hit a SMALL NAVAL TARGET AT SEA?), China seriously warning the USA about the SCS being a national security issue for them of the highest order, drilling at launching missile barrages on accurate simulacrums of our Pacific bases in a FIRST STRIKE, and Russia bombing within several miles from US troops in Syria (and then DENYING IT), while buzzing our ships at sea, and increasing their nuclear strike patrols in the Atlantic as far as Iceland and Cuba. Did I mention ISIS/AQ/MB?

While Trump and the Bolsheviks are busy out-slandering each other, these nations have now bet this will be the story of the USA, and the result will be at least as damaging as Obama’s 8 years of inactivity except for decaying US military and retreat.

That’s a mistake, but it won’t matter once the line has been crossed.

So it’s up to Trump now to find the formula to lead through this mess. No matter what obstacles he faces, history will judge him on where he is when this presidency finishes. Buchanan faced terrible obstacles in a divided nation and failed completely and has been judged so. J Carter took a nation divided by impeachment over true high crime (conspiracy to obstruct justice), and lucked out over anger pardoning that same man, then did even worse, and is judged as the second worse. Reagan took that division, weakness, and shattering economy and inflation and won the cold war while resurrecting the economy. Obama will go down as a failure and certainly one of the worst three.

But the polarized society Trump is facing as a result of bitter enmity and hysterical opposition, and their refusal to consider anything but Bolshevik opposition, cannot matter in the end.

This is the task he has been set, and he chose it.

So forget the rest Mr. President.

When in charge, take charge.

Lead. Figure it out, and get thru. If you feel like you are going through hell and dragging us with you, KEEP GOING.

The result of failure is complete disaster in these times.

Who is in charge of the clattering train?
The axles creak, and the couplings strain.
For the pace is hot, and the points are near,
And Sleep hath deadened the driver’s ear:
And signals flash through the night in vain.
Death is in charge of the clattering train!

Edward Milliken, often quoted by WSC


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  1. VideoPortal says:

    no one who was in Malta or in the Middle East will deny that the young men at Oxford who passed that resolution very nearly decreed the downfall of Britain and her Empire.

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