If we had only invested in PURE renewable energy R&D instead of subsidizing the non competitive…

Asia Times:

Light war: space-based lasers among Beijing’s high-tech arms

High-tech arsenal including electromagnetic railguns and microwave weapons aims to neutralize web of satellites that give US its main strategic edge

China’s military is developing powerful lasers, electromagnetic railguns and high-power microwave weapons for use in a future “light war” involving space-based attacks on satellites.

Beijing’s push to produce so-called directed-energy weapons aims to neutralize America’s key strategic advantage: the web of intelligence, communication and navigation satellites enabling military strikes of unparalleled precision expeditionary warfare far from US shores.

These weapons will demand compact, high efficiency, EXTREMELY potent energy sources, at least partially derived from photovoltaic origin, long endurance incredibly productive batteries, and tiny, heavy duty capacitance.

All these items would have been of EXTREME benefit in renewable sustainable energy.


It doesn’t matter whether climate change is true or not. We should behave in a manner in which those things which we would do in the natural course of things if it was true are done. They are done because no matter if it is true or not, the benefits to society in terms of research gain, economic gain, lower energy costs for the people, fossil fuel demand and costs, and military and political benefits are so immense, that our preeminence in the fields required for success demand the effort. But in order to succeed at this, all federal monies should have been expended in PURE R&D grants, with FULL benefits to the developers, inventors, and entrepreneurs who pioneer for themselves and benefit our society.

Above is Raytheon’s pulse power package for a rail gun

We have been BLOWING it since Rachel Carson, and it’s time to take funds spent on futile regulations, enforcement, legal efforts which do not yield demonstrable and immediate help, and out those millions and millions, and billions into the pure research which will make regulation SUPERFLUOUS since a more economic energy economy will supplant the dangers we are supposed to be facing, and clients will flock to the new and LESS EXPENSIVE technologies which people will see of personal benefit.

Can you see this in your yard?

In every yard in your neighborhood?

Me either, because THAT is the limit of our technology.

And THAT is why R&D is compulsory

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