Another attempt at the White House means it’s time to ask MSM, Dem Party to stop TRIGGERING LOONS

A driver threatening he had a car bomb drove up to the White House last night.

We had Nancy Pelosi ON THE RECORD stating it was time to find out ‘what the Russians have on Trump’. We have Maxine Waters who has found the key to having a camera on her ugly, ugly person (and I mean the content of her character) is to keep repeating incendiary claims around demands for impeachment. We have Jake Tapper and Chuck Todd BOTH telling America the choice of the people to lead for four years is unamerican. We have Tapper claiming he has never seen this level of lying. We have MSNBC so out of control and rabid they put a tax return the VAST BULK of the media assumed within itself would show direct connection to Russia shmushed in our faces (all to show Bernie needs to pay his fair share of taxes, like a good socialist).

Do I have to list the smears over racism, anti-semitism (is there a difference?), fascism, nazism…IS THERE TIME?

I can fill pages here, but as I predicted, the OVERT HOSTILITY expressed everywhere to the result of the people MAKING THEIR FREE DECISION, is fully enroute to civil violance and in particular (thanks Madonna) right at the White House as unhinged freaks see this kind of stuff

Something violent and with violent results WILL HAPPEN, and we can lay it at the doors of the people mentioned above. And let’s not leave out DON LEMON, BRIAN STELTER, JOE SCARBOROUGH, MIKA BRZEZINSKI, LAWRENCE O’DONNELL, or MARTHA RADATZ whose election night tears turned in to “IF, IF, IF” personal abuse in public. And YOU TOO JOHN MCCAIN. And you CAN’T imagine how sad it makes me to ‘print’ that. These people are all personally responsible for originating, or amplifying, or distorting loyal opposition into overt hostility so broad, so condemning, so personal, so endless and so all encompassing, that we all have friends and family members we cannot speak the same to or about.

Add a weak minded hater and and it’s completely predictable someone will take that and drive up to the White House and detonate.

Who dies?  A uniformed guard with a family of 5? Mr. Pence? 12 congressmen? The President?

It’s time for the MSM to self monitor their TONE, and admit IN PUBLIC their excess and their regret, in order to STOP ALL THIS, and serve the nation, as an adversarial but NOT HOSTILE press would, because if this continues, and the totally predictable occurs somewhere in the nation around Trump, ….

The reaction of the public will have them considering moving their families out of worry.

And THAT is an observation of bitter reality today, not a threat.

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