I expect to be properly rewarded by MERIT. That reward should be blind to gender, color, age or any other exterior variable. Reward is a function of performance.

Those who nurture notoriety based on self promotion of perceived personal grievance are confidence agents. Professional expertise in this confidence game is called POLITICS.

This is true of people like Al Sharpton, and it is true of the moronic arrogance of those criticizing Emily Watson (you’re great, but the hair? Dump whoever told you to do that) for exposing the fact she has FEMALE PARTS, AND talks about her right to earn the same as a man. THIS is just one of several articles on this (and this one defends her). What would such arrogant jackasses make of Hedy Lamarr, a woman whose brain out-dueled her physical beauty and talent in value to free men everywhere, while her sexual appetite was renowned. What would they say? She was forced by a patriarchal rape society to use her lady wiles and parts to make her career? IN WARTIME INTELLIGENCE AND CRYPTOLOGY? BTW, THAT SCENE is the first female orgasm in film history, and prompted her autobiography’s title.

A center-fielder is not the same as a shortstop. They are both irreplaceable to a team, but perform different functions based on different talents, but both are equal in their team’s need.

I am sick of this modern feminism. You want to expose a practice of paying women less to perform the same task based on comparable PERFORMANCE? FINE. That is a civil rights issue as much as segregation at lunch counters.

But to say you can’t be attractive and PROUD OF IT, AND talk feminism is counter intuitive.

“Feminism, feminism . . .  gender wage gap . . . why oh why am I not taken seriously . . . feminism . . . oh, and here are my t*ts!”.

Definition of galactic morons on parade.

However, there are certain places I will never allow mathematical ‘equality’.

I will always hold the door, and if given the chance walk around the car to open the door (I went to UVA, ma’am, when it was for gentlemen)

I will never knowingly harm or allow to come to harm a woman (no I’m not a robot, Asimov fans)

I will never believe that in combat the MEN, the MENSCHES, will not think of women in combat and warp their behavior away from what it would be in all male company.

I will never stop feeling protective in some way of women, and I believe that is INSTINCT since women have the babies and are VULNERABLE.

I will never stop admiring beauty. It may be a landscape, the stars, a perfect meal presented on a dish with duende, or a woman.

I will always send flowers.


All the REAL MALES out there know exactly what I am saying beneath the level of words and all the REAL WIMMIN’ are receiving this in the clear.


Go ahead and fight it.

But first, if you disagree. I have a song for you..

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