What’s POSSIBLE now in Health Care?

Fact: Obamacare will die in catastrophic fashion as insurance companies stop offering it in state after state beginning in January

Non negotiable items to Republicans:

  1. Mandate must end
  2. Insurance company bailouts each year or EVER as a policy to guarantee  profit cannot occur
  3. Health Care availability ITSELF must be the target as well as lower premiums
  4. Recognize that a $6,500 deductible is WORSE than no insurance (you are compelled to pay premiums) except to insurance companies, since this is bankruptcy to a LARGE % of families and therefore they won’t or can’t use health care
  5. Do away with current subsidy structure

Non negotiable items to Dems:

  1. Obamacare itself should be fixed
  2. Obamacare cannot be repealed
  3. Any change must accomplish lower premiums
  4. Health care to be recognized as a right

Goals of both parties:

  1. Lower premiums
  2. Lower MAXOOP
  3. Maintain pre-existing condition situation
  4. Maintain keeping kids on family plans thru 26 yrs
  5. No limit on lifetime payouts

Ironically IMO, Obama has won his bet with society in making health care a right. The last poll I saw (within the week)  on this specific subject showed about 2/3 of the US people now accept this argument. This means the sales job the Republican party has to do is monumental.

In fact, impossible IMO.

Therefore, it is time for the Republican political class and this freedom caucus to start considering an end around this conundrum and create a Medicare for All system. Currently Medicare A&B for ~$105/month for people my age covers 80% of physician and hospital costs and virtually nothing else. Becuase of this a robust private insurance business to cover the balance has grown up and both together cost about 1/8 of an Anthem plan, and about 1/13th of Obamacare and almost every medical costs is covered, AND there are a blizzard of plans available, AND most of them are available nationally.

I am SURE this cannot be done for $105/month/person insured, but it can be done. And if it can’t be then an effort to DO THIS and show the people why not is needed.

ONE THING…private care will have to be BANNED, for all, including congress. Whatever final plan is arrived at the political class is also mandated to follow.

There is no doubt the impact on research will be profound, certainly at the start. Govt financing will be the central core of resourcing this now, but the reality is that with the contraction of the number of Rx companies over the years since it began in the 90’s, the amount of research has slowed as large entities have become more risk averse, and govt regulation has blossomed.

I think the equilibrium has slipped past the return to a private system that will have lower premium and better heath care.

But if this is done I have some advice.

GREATLY INCREASE THE NUMBER OF MEDICAL SCHOOLS, because people WILL go to the doctor, and people will NOT accept what the veterans are going through.

I don’t like this situation, but I accept this is the reality.

Unless the republicans are far more intelligent, adept, and streetwise in reality than they appear to be this day.


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