Barack Obama Shows Us the Way

As president he managed to make opposition racist. Why else would they oppose him?

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

Now he has shown us the way for one president to MAIM the people’s will if it happens to be different from his.

Let me put it another way, Obama has shown the way to DAMAGE THE IDEA OF A REPUBLIC.

And it’s choice.

Within the ‘law’

First, let’s realize the answer to this question …

How many incoming presidents have had their transition teams in contact with other nations?

30%? 50%? 100%?

How many nations’ embassies are OBSERVED by the FBI/CIA/NSA/DIA?

How many incoming presidents and their teams should THEN have been the subject of INCIDENTAL OBSERVATION? After direct discussion with an observed foreigner, the american can then be observed if any conversation with ANOTHER american refers to that conversation or foreigner.

That’s LEGAL. No warrant. No FISA. NOTHING. Just a determination somewhere within the NSA (the EXECUTIVE DEPT) that there is reason.

Would China want to talk with Trump about the SCS before he takes office? About Taiwan? Since he spoke to the president of Taiwan, and the SCS is a national security item of the highest danger as a flash-point of combat, isn’t Trump then a candidate to be under observation? I can argue YES.

The justifications under the  present law are perfect for the politically wise to ABUSE POWER.


Being humans THEY HAVE.

This lesson is FAR MORE important than the morons of the Kremlin being so stupid as to think they will get any advantage from what they are doing. They, whether they realized it or not, are flirting with setting up a lot of people to use words like CASUS BELLI.

The Founders understood where the long term dangers of the loss of freedom lay.

Barack Obama and Susan Rice have CLEARLY outlined the danger to Americans.

Boiled frogs, not Commissars.

End it.

Call Rice and demonstrate the process’s abuse. Call Obama. Call every person in the NSA chain of command who can elucidate the danger by being proud of and defending what they do.

Anthony Weiner can tell us all about crimes which were not even possible in 2005. Barack Obama and Susan Rice (et al) have now outlined a new class as well.





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