War in the White House

There are enough reports from BOTH sides of the spectrum that I think there IS a war, not a battle, going on in the White House, and it’s PERSONAL, between the Kushner faction and the Bannon faction.

The story which elucidates this, if true, has Bannon telling Kushner they are fighting and there is no compromise possible because he, Kushner, is actually a democrat.

So far as it’s possible to tell, we have Kushner (hedge fund) and his types, Gary Cohn, Mnuchin, McMasters, vs Breitbart types.

This is a briefing about the RESULTS of the missile strike in Syria. Clockwise we have I don’t know, Kushner, Mnuchin, Wilbur Ross (Sec of Commerce?? Why?), I don’t know(behind), Trump, Tillerson, Bannon (furthest from the table), I don’t know,I don’t know, Dina Powell, I don’t know, McMasters, and Priebus. Whatever those white framed gizmos are, you can bet the most important have them.

Spicer tweeted this out.

They way I see it is this … Kushner, Mnuchin, Cohn represent the crowd who believe the future lies with WHATEVER will get them to 4-6%+ GDP growth. They HAVE no ideology, and they MAY be political class, but recognize if they want to do the right thing, that growth is ALL. Growth at that level makes military spending change from ridiculous to justifiable, SS and Medicare from running out of money about 2030, to perfectly sustainable, and balances the budget on growth, not austerity.

Bannon and his people represent IDEOLOGICAL NATIONALISM and whatever furthers that, most of all, the Wall and staying the hell out of any outside military action, and it was THIS STRIKE on Syria which provoked this war being bought out into the open and resulted in Bannon sitting FURTHEST from this table.

This week we have seen many who supported Trump flip around over this strike, and I think that’s reflected in the White House.

Bannon’s idea is that to win and make a movement a permanent force, the ideology must take hold and be the priority.

Kushner’s group want economic success without ideology, and may see that possible only via predictable, non threatening postures with many nations.

Frankly I see no reason these ideas cannot be PERMANENTLY integrated, and used, but this is now PERSONAL.

If Trump does not bring the economy back, so long.

If Trump does not keep his promises as a nationalist, those people stay home Nov. 2020 and SO LONG

BTW, this is what FDR’s cabinet looked like, brought forward in time. He wanted diametrically opposed ideas brought before him at the point of a sword, he would make each side think he was with them, and then make up his mind issue by issue. Henry Morgenthau (treasury) thought he had FDR convinced that post war the US policy in Germany would be to remove every non farm piece of machinery, and compel Germany to be an agrarian nation forever. No one knows what FDR REALLY intended, since he died, but Truman told Morgenthau he was out of his gourd.

Right now, Jared Kushner looks a lot like Harry Hopkins to me.

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