Sean Spicer finally DID IT

It’s hard to believe he found a way to jump the shark after the Melissa McCarthy episodes and all the other assorted items that have turned the daily press briefings into actual TV.

He made it so far I thought he could just outlast every incident.

Spicer saying Hitler did not use chemical weapons in between the two Seders of Passover represents a blockage of brains all over the (Jewish?) world while searching for some kind of phrase to describe the quality and amplitude of this one.

And THEN Spicer issued a series of ‘holy shit how do I get out of this one?’ tweet clarifications each of which raised the ante significantly.

Like this:


I can see him at the keyboard frantically typing some combination of letters to get him out from under the USA AND Israel
Resulting in:

Cannot make it up.

@realDonaldTrump, in case you haven’t heard from your daughter or son in law today, or your Treas Sec, or your economics adviser, or every single American who happens to be Jewish who supported you, time for Sean to get out the way here and replace with someone who can relate on their feet.

How about Laura Ingraham (if she will do it)?

It’s over.

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