The Republicans are just as bad, and may be more stupid, or they are worse than Dems who suck beyond belief

We all know Obamacare’s claim to COVERAGE means nothing if you can’t AFFORD the $6,500 deductible, because you still really can’t go to the doctor.

And we know A LOT of people cannot …


Whether it’s poor budget skills, the slow-growing economy or the fact that paychecks have been expanding at an anemic rate for much of the recovery, 38 percent of the more than 3,200 full-time workers nationwide who took part in an online survey said they sometimes live paycheck to paycheck. Another 15 percent said they usually get by this way and 23 percent said they always do, according to findings released Thursday by job-search firm CareerBuilder.

So now comes Republican Plan B. Plan A was ridiculous and plan B is more ridiculous.

I have spouted endlessly about the necessity of intrastate (i.e. NATIONAL) competition for plans in order to have the basic competition COMPULSORY for lower premiums.

This (phase 1-NEW?? We don’t even know) says NOTHING about that, but then takes a key BENEFICIAL and massively approved of part of Obamacare, guaranteed coverage for pre-existing conditions, and throws it into the air.

So far, I have heard it doesn’t guarantee it, then Trump told them to get lost, we have to have it and then, it would pushed down to the states to decide (note that this INSTANTLY compels NO national competition among insurance plans), and now that so long as your insurance was INTACT AND MAINTAINED you were guaranteed coverage (that’s nearly exactly what we had before Ocare).

Well, if you get FIRED, laid off etc, and can’t afford the premiums then you have no guarantee.

The next sentence from the amorphous blob in DC was that it WOULD be guaranteed but that the companies could charge you ‘more’.

What’s ‘more’?




At some point they are cynically saying YES but we all know you can never pay what we demand. And every ‘guideline’ by a state makes it MORE impossible to break through to national competition.

BTW, I have NO IDEA what this would to do premiums, MAXOOP, or deductibles.

It’s a NO at this level without even hearing the rest.


Not because it’s the best answer (kiss what’s left of decaying R&D goodbye to a vestigial CORRUPT process ordered by DC), because those we elect simply can’t do their jobs ON BOTH SIDES and Ocare will crash out and things will be WORSE than before Ocare. If the Freedom Caucus was serious we’d already be looking at a bill for national competition, and their claim that simply repealing Ocare would help along the way is LITERALLY unbelievable viewing what’s going on.

The Dems, RIGID UNFLINCHING INSISTENCE on keeping a plan with unaffordable deductibles, only if you get subsidies, or you can’t afford the ACTUAL PREMIUM (for most folks) and then pays for screening tests, but NOT the biopsies that may well result BEYOND DUMB.

And of course we all know, that no matter what they do, Congress, the Senate, the Executive and the Bureaucracy (the 4th and unelected branch) will keep their own separate health care, and THIS FACT alone means KEEP THE TAR WARM.

I am losing the adjectives and adverbs to describe my disgust.


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