The hacked leaks, Truth and the ‘media’


8:00 AM DST East Coast USA

So as the French vote today two days after the revelation that Macron has been hiding money overseas, and two days after a private US citizen named Barack Obama interfered in the election of France, several years after this same citizen spent our money to do the same thing publicly in Israel, and after a season right through this moment in which we have claims of an information state which UNQUESTIONABLY cannot distinguish right for the nation and it’s Constitution from following orders OR it own agenda (which it cannot separate from the nation ..a mistake several presidents have made) …we have a continued war in which one side claims the truths revealed by a system inimical to us all, about the the humans manning the controls of the system we have mean that we must band together to fight those who have (unfortunately) been given the gift of being able to tell a damaging truth.

Fact: The US Democratic Party controllers conspired to rig the primary system

Fact: The head of the Democratic Party then conspired to fix the debates

Fact: Hillary Clinton DID commit at least FEDERAL misdemeanors or FELONIES and escaped ONLY because the FBI really did not want to be in the position of directly affecting a US presidential election, then thought better of it when her main confidante was found to be sending CLASSIFIED information to her sexting-addicted husband to PRINT for Hillary to read later at some unspecified time. Americans have gone to JAIL for just having in their possession in a manner outside secure possession, classified documents, when meaning and DOING no harm

Fact: Even radical progressives US Senators like Diane Feinstein say there is NO EVIDENCE of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia (to reveal the truth?)

Fact: The CIA/FBI/NSA have said there is NO evidence that ANY leak of information contained ANY forged information

Fact: Susan Rice and/or others in a position to control information in the Obama Admin DID use the NSA to find out what the team elected by the people to lead for the next 4 years was planning, and DID leak classified information to the press, UNLESS it was exculpatory..which leads of course to ‘what did Obama know and when did he know it?’ – EPSEICALLY given the manner in which this classified information was suddenly spread by EO in the last few days of his office.

Fact: Now we have Macron hiding from the French who he is, and where he stashes his cash, and the French being told to ignore the man behind the curtain

The media WORDLWIDE except for a very few exceptions, AND the political opposition has been UNIFORM as not adversaries, but in growing HYSTERICAL HOSTILITY.

After looking at all of this you have to wonder if the political opposition is an arm of the media or the reverse, and if the NSA/CIA/FBI and it’s analogues overseas represent the political class or whatever is their own preferences at any given moment using criteria we can’t even guess at

Knowing Le Pen is an asshole, how can you hope for anything other than that she destroys Macron, and that in Britain, France and the USA someone begin the generational war against the people in the IC’s who see nothing wrong with this statement on the sign PROUDLY in front of the NSA’s IMMENSE hard drive galaxy data center in Utah (and on the homepage of their website):


The phrase is most commonly attributed to Joseph Goebbels in 1933.

However, there is an earlier precedent. Upton Sinclair used an inverted version in 1918 in The Profits of Religion: An Essay in Economic Interpretation:

Not merely was my own mail opened, but the mail of all my relatives and friends—people residing in places as far apart as California and Florida. I recall the bland smile of a government official to whom I complained about this matter: ‘If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.’

As good a writer and proselytizer as Sinclair was, I rather think the provenance is far better suited to the other. The phrase appeared in Harry Potter (uttered by Pius Thicknesse) but I’m not sure which of the 2 authors was in themind of the NSA, and which is more frightening, or ENRAGING.

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