Be the Disruptor @realDonaldTrump

I don’t know if whatever you shared with Lavrov was ‘wholly appropriate’, especially as time justifies such things or NOT.

But I do know that if the Russians tomorrow suddenly sold Assad to Netanyahu, supported the creation of Kurdistan, crushed their illegal number of missiles, and abandoned eastern Ukraine, the unrelentingly hostile force known as the MEDIA would tell us the Trump Russia plan was a failure because Crimea was still in their hands and this ¬†made it obvious you were Putin’s poodle.

The press is not adversarial.

The press is not a truth bringer of objective fact

The press is not a force for anything but opposition

The press needs to make those who supported you evil or fools.

The press is actually using YOU as a surrogate for those they actually hate ..THE PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR YOU.

The press will never relent in this hate because their ‘greater knowledge’ was not only rejected, it was shoved back down their throats via our middle fingers.

So here’s what.


Instruct Spicer immediately to create an outgoing only twitter account and have that account tweet the the daily briefing, in several tweets. No questions. Daily Briefings DISRUPTED.

Do NOT respond to leaks and start the cycle the press NEEDS to keep the spotlight on. CYCLE DISRUPTED

Announce the creation of a special DoJ task-force to find those who leak confidential information, and PROSECUTE those who do so. Journalists who publish critical foreign policy information should be questioned and if they refuse to answer, contempt charges should jail the and we should all move on immediately. Once upon a time the Chicago Tribune published that the USA had broken the Japanese Naval Code in 1942 and THAT was why we won the Battle of MIdway (both facts are true). LEAKS DISRUPTED

Do NOT respond to criticism from the Press which is designed to portray you as unfit. CYCLE DISRUPTED

Hew in stead to the program and promises that got you elected

When you want to communicate to the people ..TWITTER and YOUTUBE.

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