1. Trump is a surrogate for the hate, vitriol, contempt, and fear the Dems, the MSM, SOME academic elite, most of Wall Street, most those who consider themselves ‘thoughtful’, and ALL Of those who have never had to generate a profit or make a payroll – US. The other voters who make up the majority in the TWO THIRDS of the states who voted for Trump.
  2. The only visible goals of this opposition is to –
    1. Depose the elected president
    2. Destroy the policies he was elected to carry out

There is therefore no chance that the questions to Sessions will be ANYTHING but those designed to ACHIEVE that goal

Every answer Sessions gives today should bear the underlying response to #2 above.

‘It’s OBVIOUS you are trying to depose the president or deny the American people the policies chosen by the majority in 2/3 of the states, and to hell with you. I have done NOTHING WRONG and get the hell of our way, because it’s just as ¬†obvious you are not going to comprise if we had a bill saying the sky is blue.’

And DON’T SMILE even once. Today is not the day for marketing ‘NICE GUY’

Don’t relent from this Mr, Session.

Bernie Sanders showed you yesterday where the Democratic Party and the MSM really is at. DISINTEGRATION. 35% of the Democratic Party absolutely despises the rest. They believe the party has FAILED.

If the Republicans do not get behind the president who was not elected for his character, but his PROMISES, and VOID ¬†his ability to carry out the promises as HE HAS CLEARLY BEEN TRYING TO DO – YOU’RE NEXT.

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