You will see this again: The END of the Roman Republic BEGAN with the murders of Gracchi Tribunes by incited Romans

I can’t even COUNT how many times this blog has warned that this level of incitement will end with CIVIL violence.

Unless the ‘analysts’, ‘contributors’, pundits, and in some cases ANCHORS, both REFUSE to cover the INCENDIARY and hyperbolic excesses of politicians whose success DEPENDS on incitement, EXCEPT in negative terms we will DESCEND into madness.

When a comedian holds up a bloody head of a politician, SHUN HER.

When leaders of a party go OUT OF THEIR WAY to use excessive language, EXCORIATE THEM.

When analysts spew birther fantasy like conspiracy theories without proof, ELIMINATE THEIR PRESENCE

When you hear people calling our leaders, D or R TRAITORS, IGNORE and/or ridicule them.

And so Jake Tapper, and Chuck Todd, think of the end point OUTSIDE OF YOURSELVES when you foolishly, meanly and inaccurately call the choice of the majority of the people in 2/3 of the states, UN-AMERICAN. And so, elected leader, DON’T respond by calling them enemies of the people.

Of course, not ONE of these things is going to happen, because just like after Gabby Giffords, the lure of increased viewership and readership, and therefore $$ thru increased advertising revenue will be too tempting and on we go.

Just remember, the process begun by the murder of the elected Tribunes, Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus in 133 BC ended with public proscription, and open force repression under a senate selected (‘constitutional’) dictatorship with Sulla. Between these dates, vast civil violence increasing in scope as opposite parties claimed power yielded a populace hungering for order, and not freedoms which had destroyed their ability to pursue happiness.

We are not exempt. And if this continues, no one here is going to be so worried about Kim, Xi, Putin, or Merkel and Gabron. They weren’t leading the news yesterday, were they?

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