We either accede to Norkland having the ability nuke the USA or we tell Japan and SK to TAKE COVER

PERHAPS a middle course would be to  shoot down every single test launch from today forward, but is there anyone who does not believe THAT would also result in war? The only benefit would be Kim striking first (a benefit?)

But I’m not sure

  1. We have ability
  2. We have the ability to PERMANENTLY station two task forces off each coast of North Korea if we HAVE the ability

I firmly believe a strike of any kind against North Korea would result in immediate warfare on the peninsula

I believe they would attack, AT THE LEAST all our bases in Japan, and Guam, and might strike Japanese cities.

I believe the casualties would be in the tens of thousands in the first few days, and might be incalculable if the North reacts with nuclear weapons.

If we do nothing, this math only gets worse.

Since Bill Clinton, at a time the cold war was won, and China was in the 3rd world column of nations this stupidity has grown.

No diplomatic action has influenced the true course of this process.

No sanction has influenced the true course of this process.

Nothing has influenced the true course of this process.

Perhaps we are waiting to catch Kim in the open, although American law expressly forbids us from knocking him off. HOWEVER, a decapitating strike is another matter.

Trump is about to meet with Xi and Putin.

Here’s your sign, @realDonaldTrump … ‘cooperate with the USA on a blockade and 100% embargo and land blockade on all good and services, or there will be cataclysmic war on your borders, perhaps NUCLEAR WAR on your borders. Today, tomorrow, next week, it doesn’t matter, because IT IS COMING. I advise you to evacuate your people from the area immediately.’

My sense is that China, believing we WILL do nothing, continues to use NK as a cat’s paw.

Clinton, Bush, Obama all did NOTHING except pass this test down the line, and now the test is here.

Hey, Japan, South Korea …



Better now than when Kim has 300 ICBM’s and 1000 IRBMS, and 2000 MRBM’s.

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