The World is on FIRE, so what matters to Americans?

THIS ARTICLE  popped up on Twitter on the 6th of July and was posted by Ari Fleischer the next day. I made a comment.

The thread is STILL GOING, and is now in the 4 figures of replies, with SCORES if not hundreds of side threads of url’s arguing one way or the other over single payer and other schemes.

Lesson = Premiums for Americans happen every month and is something that affects almost every American family on a day to day basis.

We’ve got Putin, Xi, South China Seas islands, Ukraine, Crimea, sanctions…we’ve got the fat, crazy midget and his ICBM’s and the puzzle to destroy him without destroying South Korea, and killing everyone from the 38th to the Yalu as a corollary with China betting against us doing a damned thing…we’ve got Western Europe trying to swallow the blue pill DESPERATELY, and Poland having already swallowed the red, we’ve got American and Chinese and and Russian ships and planes rubbing against each other almost every day, … we’ve got the Wall, the economy, robotics, Venezuela in self-destruct… we’ve got terrorists threatening us all the time and mowing us down and attacking night clubs, we’ve got a hostile force to the choice of the majority of the people in 2/3 of the states of the USA acting as if our choice is trying to destroy those who are trying to overturn the FAIR ELECTION via one way hostility evinced in every ‘reportage’ and too many stories which turn out to be factual or based on a single anonymous ‘report’, and calling it the moves of a dictator – EVERY DAY…we’ve got a party that has not accepted any loss in a national election as anything but cheating since 1988, and whose rhetoric EVEN AFTER Scalise was shot is still ‘the other guys are killing people’ and thinking they are on the moral high ground … and I haven’t even mentioned Russia, Russia, Russia, and yet HEALTH CARE is the subject whose response DOMINATES, and does so STARKLY and THOROUGHLY.

Because while all those things are real, later today on the way to work, or on the way home, in the shower or waiting for dinner or making it, the checkbook in our heads IS RIGHT THERE to think about, or the sick kid, or parent or spouse or brother or sister.

Health care costs and availability isn’t just REAL, it’s nearly ever-present in our thoughts.

Every single day.

So McConnell and Ryan and Trump.


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