Have any of the media, or Dems considered the UNINTENDED consequences of their SUCCESS?

Mr. Trump might have garnered enthusiasm personally for his #MAGA, and his refusal to accept PC, but that’s not why he won.

He won because he understood who had been not just hurt by DECADES of PC, Free Trade, and ‘It’s all our fault’, but whose hope for their lives and their children’s lives had been incinerated by these ways of life insinuating themselves into the federal mind with concrete results.


Trump’s worldview translated into the majorities in 38 of 50 state. Two thirds of the nation. The county by county view shows a nearly perfect divide of urban life vs rural life in the USA.

So what happens if that 2/3 of the nation finds their view is that the election of 2016, and it’s clear desire to effect HARD CHANGE BY VOTE is OVERTHROWN?

Have Mika and Joe, Lester and Wolf, Jake and Chuck THOUGHT ABOUT THAT? Has Chucky? Nancy?

Will there be armed revolt in places? Riots? Will a Pence or the 33 republican governors order troops or national guard to fire into THEIR SUPPORTERS?

Will there be a Tien An Mien Square scene of Americans? Will we have a Cairo over Mubarak in a thousand of towns of 30-50,000 people?

Will everyone shrug and turn away from the public square, FOREVER?

Suppose the majority in the 2/3 of the states take a look and say in effect, ‘fuck this’ and just put their lives on cruise, now knowing the political structure in America is precisely the same as the Great Barrier Reef

How do nations decline and fall?

The USSR was exposed to the west fully by things like McDonalds, and Levis and then they thought about it on the line for toilet paper. ‘We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us’ and they… just… gave… up. USSR’s economy declined just enough, and then suddenly it was a cube of sugar in the bottom of a glass of hot tea. It’s shape and consistency shattered with a slight disturbance.

The success of those whose DELUSIONS over Russia power the SICK process and rhetoric of vitriolic hate, will find, no matter what else happens that 2/3rds of America thinking ‘we pretend to vote, and they pretend it matters’

And that will be that, here, EVEN IF there are no violent responses. And I think there will be.

And THEN the media will TRULY be in fear. And THEN that 2/3 of the public in 38 states will shrug. This is my observation.



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