I was having a nice summer laying low until Charlottesville.

I entered UVA in Charlottesville in 1967. Escape from the Bronx. Well, from the Bronx to Merrick LI in 1960, then the south. But an escape.

We wore jacket and tie every day. Tradition.

No women. Tradition

Merit based scholarships only. Tradition.

Honor system which let you take a test anywhere, under any conditions, and sign a pledge you took it fairly. After all, we are gentlemen. Tradition.

And the first place in my life I ran into racism. Specifically, antisemitism. This came from someone who was then my age now with a roman numeral after his name. To the everlasting credit of UVA, a dean promised me if I would control my reaction, he would ensure this other professor would never teach there again. As he said this I wondered if he thought he was looking at some New York Jew outside agitator. Later events proved that view to be correct.

He did as he promised at the end of the semester.

Gentlemen handle these things, you see. Even after Goodman, Schwerner and Chaney, Even after the 16th Street Baptist church, AND OTHERS. It was possible.

But then, we had a Martin Luther King. Even though the REALITY at the time was organized sheriff departments in certain areas which WERE KKK, still the other side, THE ONLY SIDE, recognized not just the morally superior path, but the practically superior path.

Now, in reaction to the sick inner compulsions, and increased amplitude of FAR FEWER people worried about Americans, JUST LIKE THEM, NO LESS THAN THEM, who happen to be Black, Jewish, or some other (WTF does it matter), we have this.

Personally I see little difference in stupidity level between ANTIFA and BLM and the white supremacists. What they share is a sick intolerance. There are some people who cannot be reformed.

I am sure there are those who want america improved who also think that white people are now being singled out but reject both violence and white supremacism, just as I am sure there Americans who happen to be black who truly believe police (even black police) are trying to kill them, but THEY reject a BLM which demands the idea that ALL LIVES MATTER IS RACIST, is a truth.

These people need to reexamine THEMSELVES and abandon the movements which have now mutated into a malignant battle between cancerous lesions and fatal radiation.

Instead of a peaceful but raucus Nazi march in Skokie to the jeers (verbal, people) of those who hated and despised them because of what they were, we had what appeared to be a battle of intolerances, which then degenerated from throwing bottles of water (I’ve been at worse..1969, hello?), and swinging fists, into a mini-NICE, courtesy of sickos.

Part of this was, no matter HOW you slice it, the fault of the police, mayor, governor, and state authorities. At all times there should have been police separation of these groups.

I don’t expect either side of this to change. White supremacism must be tolerated just as BLM’s sickening racism must be tolerated. Assholes abound. But given yesterday, FBI infiltration sounds pretty good to me.

Both sides brought TOGETHER from afar an organized battle, just as Jackson bought his men to Lee on the Peninsula in 1862, while McClellan straddled the Rapahannock. The organizers of THAT are the criminals. They are the organizers of disorder and violence. THAT is their purpose.

Lost now is the statue of a truly great general, who forever dishonored himself by functionally fighting for slavery, no matter what he thought he was doing.

In America we have manner of dealing with these things. You vote for the town council. They carry out the wishes of the majority of the voters. People can individually protest and take legal action to try to halt, review, or reverse these decisions so that the majority is not just a more civil version of mob rule. The courts can act or ignore. In this case the courts halted the removal of the statue pending some other action. If you don’t like all that, change the laws, stage a peaceful protest and stage a sit in, or do what they they did in Minnesota as a last resort.

What happened yesterday is just a snarling expression of a lot of other grievances in a culture now brought to see grievance as a legitimate cause for class, race, religious and group vilification,  FAR from that statue and made no difference to what happens to the statue.

Both sides should be infiltrated by authorities and ground down. They have proven to be unfit to change things in an America where we can all see them whenever they act.


Extinguish them as a movement.


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