Mr. Trump, WAKE UP

I heard your statements.

All 3 of them.

Your defense of your position is putrid.

Avail yourself of help in terms of the statement the ACLU made when the Nazis marched on Skokie in 1972-3 and the ACLU defended the right of the Nazis to do so.

Tell the nation:

In order to defend the rights of every American, INCLUDING BLM AND ANTIFA, including every disgusting political position invented, heinous to us all, it is necessary to defend the rights of the most obnoxious  among us. It is compulsory.

Tell the nation by ensuring the stupid, evil, and hideous Nazis can assemble and protest, you ensure that every American can do so.

Tell the nation THAT’S WHAT THE FOUNDER’S designed.


Tell the nation that ANYONE who obtains the local permissions to gather, may do so, and have the irremovable right to do so.

Tell the nation nothing can ever remove the stigma from those who appeared along side the KKK/NAZI/WHITE freakish ghouls, but those who did so, have the right to cover themselves with our public disapproval.

Tell the nation that if BLM or ANTIFA wish to get local permission to gather, and tell the nation that ALL LIVES MATTER is racist, or that cops should die (fry ’em like bacon) or that Republicans are Nazi slaveholders, or BURN ‘Blue lives matter’ flags, it is their protected right to do so.

Protected. Because by protecting their right we protect our own.

As for statues, that’s up to the people to decide locally. It’s not national policy.

If it comes to trashing George Washington, well, we’ll see about that. Jefferson has already been attacked.


In Charlottesville.

No doubt in applying today’s standards, these same people, while ignoring Lincoln’s thoughts on those non-white in America (Liberia anyone?), would also find that Muhammad is a pedophile, right?

I hear laughter.

THIS is the moment to express complete disgust for the White Ghouls, and also hold them free to express their freakish inner compulsions.

Just ask the ACLU which last week sued Charlottesville to prevent the city from moving the ALT-RIGHT extravaganza from the confines of the park where RE Lee sits to large park where police could better control the situation (which they OBVIOUSLY did not). The ACLU was successful in it”s suit to protect the right of these morons to be moronic where they wanted to be moronic.



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