Boston, like Skokie provides both the model and the solution to Liberty, and Morality

I have remarked several times since Charlottesville, that the alt-right, the SICKOS of the Neo Nazi, KKK, weirdo swastikazoid, white t shirt wearing, OK signaling (to some, but incorrectly), and Pepe frog displaying dumb shits, who are so busy trying to anonymously expose themselves in their white sheeted raincoats to realize their inner compulsions of naked fear is what we see, MUST be allowed to demonstrate their disease, because by insisting they can show us how ILL they are we protect the rights of every citizen.

But we also need to remember two things, those opposing them, by PEACEFULLY opposing them, demonstrate to ourselves, and the world WHO WE ARE, and by doing so provide the MODEL made plain by Martin Luther King for each other and the world

The city govt of Boston, and the vast majority of the counter protesters using THEIR constitutional rights, are to be thanked.

This time.

The second thing they have shown us, is HOW FEW are these truly ill individuals in this nation. These people who ideas have been on the wane since the 1920’s are not the threat in this nation.

As always the threat is from those who seek to use these sickos as the tool to thought cleanse the USA in someone’s emotional image of what is right.

Now just imagine something. Imagine if after San Bernadino, 40,000 Americans who happen to be muslim, turned out in counter protest to San Bernadino in LOUD but PEACEFUL opposition to  other murderous monsters of sickness, but whose inner compulsions are ASCENDANT in our world today.

Imagine how we would feel about that

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