The Point of No Return?

The America I grew up in saw a MAJOR stroke against racism scored nationwide and worldwide without a demonstration.

Without a march.

Without violence.

That America got the message from (Mary Martin and in larger form) Mitzi Gaynor in the person of a nurse from farm america courtesy of the morality in words of Oscar Hammerstein, and the music of Richard Rodgers, whose conscience was suddenly raised.

That the conscience was over children who were not Negro (at the time), made the much larger point that ALL RACISM IS THE SAME. I was 9 and the the message was loud and clear

The same year I sat watching TV with my grandfather as we saw black and white people yanked off of stools at lunch counters to jail in Wichita, and in September I saw Orville Faubus (note flag..gee I wonder what it symbolizes?) call out the national guard to stop a little girl from entering school with my grandfather Abraham, and he turned to me and said, “Remember, when they come for them, YOU are always next.”

Of course, we are Jewish, so we KNOW.But now it was here. But South Pacific and those moments and those words catalyzed me later to actions in the 60’s.

Yesterday the ACLU posted this picture saying this was the future we all wanted (defending themselves for defending free speech)

and it sparked a twitter outrage for which the casus belli was a WHITE BABY.

They apologized, outdueling ESPN (Robert Lee, SERIOUSLY?) for the overwrought conscience award resulting in EMBARRASSING STUPIDITY.

We are in ginned up tribes of whites, blacks, rich, not rich, poor, taxed, not taxed, overtaxed, 1%, 99%, rural, urban, neo nazi alt right kkk, BLM, Antifa, libertarian, progressive, GOPe, DNC, Bible belt, rust belt, farm belt, urban poor, rural poor, summering, wood burning, gas guzzling, solar and wind powered, oil heating, propane burning, impeaching, tweeting, nationalist, globalist, whacked out ready to rumble Jets vs Sharks…. STUPIDITY.

Who can possibly win?

Everyone stop the shit and think.

We are on the cusp of irreversible centripetal decline which will benefit only something far worse.

For us all.

“You won’t like what comes after America.”



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