Arpaio – well within the bounds of normal pardons

Mr. Ryan, if a sheriff in the 1850’s had violated the rulings of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Roger Taney, would he then have deserved a a pardon from another president after Buchanan?

At every turn the House and Senate leadership prove over and over they have no idea what happened last November.

Whatever one THINKS of Trump, the fact of the whys of that election MUST BE RESPECTED. And the actions and desired of that leadership are either not up to that result, or are rewarded for violating those goals.

I really DON’T CARE anymore if the D’s take over the House, and roil this nation into a banana republic with an impeachment process, spawning (sporadic to organized) violence across this land, because, clearly the Republicans are passive-aggressive in this, and the Democrats actively stoke it.

From what I can see we have an across the board #FAIL going on right in front of us and Mr. Trump is merely the lens. The executive dept as illustrated by the EPA and the IC are self arrogating rule makers, and rule breakers. The legislature except for a few are irresponsible in the wants and goals, and are NOT listening to the people. There is a reason why Congress is about 1/4 of the presidents’s approval, and why Mitch McConnell is at 9%. IN KENTUCKY

The courts think nothing of massaging political feelings into solemn law (evidence- the court actually RULING that if HRC had won and instituted the immigration edicts of Trump, the courts stated it would be legal), and we have the Justice Dept (the executive again) acting from its OWN INTERNAL ARROGATION performing acts which Alan Dershowitz has compared over and over to the actions of Lavrenti Beria

So STFU Ryan, and just admit you think you are smarter than the people, and defend that proposition. Let’s see who rallies to that. Maybe you can make your case

We are headed for precipitous drops in voting %’s in the next 2-3 elections. I expect D’s to turn out in 2018 like crazy, and then in 2020 republicans will DISAPPEAR at the voting polls, and at the next several elections, D’s will disappear at the booths as disgust manifests there (the DNC can depend on nothing more than Trump Derangement after euchring their voters over Bernie).

And all this is because the PEOPLE decided to elect someone who wished to carry out THEIR edict to change the way government operated day to day, and those who would be affected by this IN THE GOVT STRUCTURE, rebel at this choice by the republic to reduce or eliminate their authority, OR THEIR CAREERS.

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