Trump and Kaepernick and LeBron and idiocy

Two weeks ago during the season’s opening NFL Pre Game show I did something I have never done in 67 years.



They stopped talking about football. They talked about kneeling. And talked. And talked.

I can hear that all day on the cable news stations. I tuned in to hear about the GAMES that day.

I don’t want these guys fired. I don’t want to see them kneeling.

I want them to express themselves buy ORGANIZING PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATIONS DURING THE WEEK, SKIPPING PRACTICE and practicing civil and corporate disobedience, and taking the fines ans suspensions that causes. I suspect this will separate the wheat from the chaff

On Sunday I want them to well ….

And Trump, stop picking fights with EVERYONE, FOCUS down on the 3 or 4 promises that got you elected, and don’t be a president suggesting people lose their livelihoods because you don’t like how they express themselves (even when they owe their incredible living to the system that provided them with the means to both protest and act like kings)

LeBron, when you open up that trap of yours saying things the way you do, proving your INADEQUACY to do so, you make us all dumber.

By the way, when Obama was president, Tom Brady NEVER went to the White House either. Did it get notice?

I wonder why not?

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