To Decertify or Not

Theory 1 – Just as there NOTHING short of acts of war which ever dissuaded NK from going both nuke and ICBM, this is true for Iran

Theory 2 – The main reason Iran signed up for JCPOA was a whopping load of cash up front, and an end to sanction for MAYBE leaving all development work in to Pyongyang for another 8 years

Theory 3 – Bob Corker and others side stepped what would otherwise have been nothing more powerful than an executive order on Iran, by COUNTERMANDING via finesse the Constitutional requirement for 67 votes approving a treaty

Theory 4 – the world ESP Europe couldn’t get in on the $$$ fast enough (as always) and are now in the midst of a summer 1939, and spring 1940 delusion about Iran becoming a NORMAL nation, while telling the USA we will be ‘isolated’. We hear over and over, ‘well Iran is not an existential threat to the USA’ as if the IDEA of the communism was not ITSELF a threat to the USA.

And here we are

So what major advantage(s) are we looking for right now.

  1. Ending Iran’s nuclear quest (no way short of war)
  2. Ending Iran’s ICBM quest (no way short of war, and they would not have joined the JCPOA, which is why that provision is not in there)
  3. Ending the global spread of IRGC and Quds Force
  4. Ending Hizballah

The only way to influence this to our advantage without force is through $$$

That means we have to sanction Iran via bank transactions on ANY entity doing business with Iran in any nation.


If this doesn’t work, the world should be on notice.

We don’t want to conquer Iran. There will be no Iraq in Iran.

We want an end to the malignancy, and there are ways.

It’s important to realize we have lived with Pakistan as a nuclear power for decades. We are not thrilled but it is tolerable. The issue is NOT the nukes, not the ICBM’s it is the mullahs, i.e the Guardian Council of Iran and their political and military support, and their now GENERATIONS long pronouncements self identifying in their goals of destruction of others, BACKED by their actions such as Khobar Towers, JCC in Buenos Aires, and the thwarted attack in DC. If they had a transoceanic navy, is their any doubt we would see their ships 15 miles from Norfolk?

If we are ready to act via sanctions so tough every NATO ally halts in motion, we should try that, remain in the JCPOA and remain sanguine over the results. If this results in the USA being isolated, then Iran should recognize there WILL be a decertification and our ‘allies’ will have to choose which side they want. Neutrality will be the end of NATO.

Success of a racist theocracy in pursuit of domination for RELIGIOUS REASONS or the USA, you know the fornicating, drinking mess of contradictions, problems, cultures, races and religions.

I DARE YOU, world.

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