Time for a PRIVATE bone chilling message to VLAD

And Xi, whose China did it in 96, thru Indonesian banks.

Interference in the American election process by foreign entities is casus belli and not in the interest of any nation.

Don’t talk to me about the CIA in other nations. Not interested.

The news ALL OVER which spread last night demonstrates that BOTH PARTIES (Don Jr and Manafort, this means you, too) have lost their minds AND that Russia was involved on both sides not to CHOOSE a president but to ERODE the faith of the American PEOPLE, and our way of life. The attack COULD NOT BE MORE BASIC.

American parties now have driven the dialogue in the USA to such polarized visioning of evil of the other side and/or are so willing to sustain their corruptions that they BOTH have seen fit to involve FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE in the election process of the USA in order to defeat the other side (which is especially amazing since those in power are really one party which wants somewhat more riches/power for its lobe of that party)

The Trump campaign brooks a visit from a Russian lawyer, along with a former intelligence agent to ‘discuss’ potentially valuable oppo research, and is actually euchred into this meeting. Gee, I wonder if Vlad knew about all this and was wondering how the hell we managed what we did from 1945-1989.

The Clinton campaign hires a security firm, GPS Fusion, which uses Russian intelligence to spread rumors about Trump which is then collected (by them) and goes back to the campaign which sees it filtered to John McCain whose (understandable) burning hate for Trump sees that it goes to the FBI, which the Obama admin then uses as the basis for a counterintelligence investigation of Trump.

This the political equivalent of a plan to win the world series by walking three times via taking every pitch, and have the 4th batter hit a grand slam. For this to be successful the pitcher and opposition managers HAVE TO SUCK.


We are in the midst of a long term, excellent destabilization attack by foreign powers. This includes NOT JUST our parties, but surreptitious and open support for groups like ANTIFA and the far right, and co-opting of (SOME?) of the media, not by it’s leaning, but by pushing both ends. YOU CAN BE SURE OF THIS. Just  a few good shoves, you see. Human weakness to take care of the rest.

The hardest part of this is that at the upper levels of those institutions which would PROTECT the people are those partisans who AIDED the enemies of the people of the USA (knowingly or not, and note that this looks like, among others, John McCain, Trump Campaign, the FBI and the DNC) in order to keep power for those in power, whether that be a party, or the INSTITUTIONS’ growth and power. And if the parties had been the other way around during 2016, the Republicans would more than likely be just as guilty.

It’s time for some folks who think the exacerbated extremes of this destabilization are insane to get together, and ensure this ends. Whether that means Joe Manchin and Susan Collins, or the death of our parties, or a REVOLT at some of the structures here, I don’t care.

To me, the actions of the elections campaigns involving foreign powers in order to win election represents a watershed moment now.

Mueller examining the blades of grass in a poisoned lawn looks absurd to me at this point.

SOME ADULT has to tell Putin and Xi they are playing with the end of the world on this issue. I don’t see anyone qualified to do this in either party today.

And it fills me with disgust.


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