The Pervnado Sex-Panic: Men are pigs? Or Power/$ Self Selected Jackasses are the Morons REJECTED in High School

WARNING, anecdote-

I only know one person who ran for public office. I don’t even know if he won because by then I had this thing, A LIFE. But I know he was someone who had a hard time getting a date, had a few friends who didn’t seek him to hang out with, and always seemed to be looking for ways to achieve influence with others that could not be attained unless you had friends who respected you.

He was an insecure nebbish, seeking through achievement of power, that he could not earn through self. Sad at the time.

When I heard he was running for office, I gave it the momentary wonder of – ‘gee, maybe that’s (generic that’s) who runs for office, oh well, back to work’.

Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore (an ephebophile- HT John Podhoretz for a new word so great YOUR SPELL CHECK doesn’t know it), Al Franken (who ENCOURAGED a picture of self doing what 8th or 9th grade boys talk about, and apparently, except for him wouldn’t do at age FOURTEEN, because well, wimmin’ are people), Charlie FRICKIN Rose, Glenn Thrush, DIsney Pixar, Fox News, Louis FRICKIN CK (who, we find out was using his comic routines as if he was a reporter in group therapy, not a comedian), NPR,  ON AND ON oh, and John Conyers and others in Congress who passed a LAW making them invisible under accusation, and payouts courtesy of you and I.

This last being the ULTIMATE in proof of the existence of a single party representing a political class which scoffs at those who think power/$ seekers like my high school acquaintance, are a bunch of rejected nebbishes who finally have the chance to achieve by grotesqueness and covered criminality, and exercise of coercion, what they could not achieve by asking a girl to the movies, and apparently STILL cannot achieve any other way.

Now perhaps if ladies were paid as much, maybe we would see a 50-50 distribution of gender among assholes, but I don’t think so. Nor is this a republican problem or a democratic party problem.

The real problem given those who want power is this.

What do men want?


It’s just that. And given the percent of assholes present in any group, there you have it.

What should we do? What should happen?

All assholes should leave, be fired, or ostracized so severely they want to leave on their own. Of course there is always a lynch mob danger, especially when a tweet can go viral and reach most of the connected planet in minutes. But have we heard anything which upon SOME probity is not at least credible (all hail Charles Payne? Whose adultery turned out to be consensual, and not harassment? And note CAREFULLY Duke/Lacrosse)?

So Franken et al RESIGN, please. You should have remained at SNL and thus in this Pervnado/Sex panic simply been fired rather than cause mental gymnastics to justify keeping one more Dem in the Senate (of course, IT DOESN’T MATTER- the MN gov is a D and would appoint a Dem), ETC

Conyers, GO THE HELL AWAY. Oh and by the way, Bill and HRC, Ted Kennedy, and unknown names and numbers of other assholes. Sorry you got away with this, but now if you are alive, DISAPPEAR. POOF. Any mention of you is a waste of life.

Paula Jones and Juanita, the NATION APOLOGIZES.

Everyone else, YOU’RE FIRED. Have the investigation, by all means, but it you are inviting interviewees and those who report to you to your apartment or hotel, and you show up in a robe, or ask them to watch a sex scene with you, or a ask for a massage, SO LONG, you moronic douche-bag. What do you imagine anyway, that the thought of you beneath the robe plus Maggie Gylenhall crawling around on her knees would change the way some lady sees you? I guarantee you IT WILL, just not the way you think. AYFKM?

I have a blind-spot here. Take her to dinner. Talk. If you feel the urge, compliment. If she’s a wonder, congrats, you have a goddess possibility and act like it. It does wonders. But she still may think you’re just NOT HER KIND. LIFE. Turn the page and call for your car.

And now the incredible Roy Moore. This is unique because unlike every other moron exposed, this guy is about to enter a state wide contest with all this KNOWN first. If the people of Alabama decide he REPRESENTS THEM for whatever reason, he has to be seated. And if the Senate chucks him and Kay Ivey appoints another Repub, well OK, but you know what? I don’t read in the Constitution, anything about you can’t serve if the Senate thinks you are a douche-bag asshole and they kick you out because you are fantasizing about your junior prom date, and her underwear. So I bet Mr Moore will DO SOMETHING about getting kicked and it will be interesting. I have a feeling the things Madison et al put together are going to take precedence over some Senate rule.

So let’s hope the voters in Alabama don’t put this guy in office. It’s a suitable lesson for the Republicans to ensure, before a dollar of national party money is allocated for ads etc., to establish a red team oppo info group to vet their candidates. This ain’t 1845, and that’s just how it is. And I hope the Dems are watching and learning and not snickering to themselves.

And Bill O’Reilly, I hope you are not taking comfort in these exposures. It’s about what kind of men seeking power, do with it, and you are a member of that group, or else we’d see you at 8PM still (although I hate news at night, and more and more, news at all-and it’s not the bad news, it’s the relentless tribal hostility represented, and the COMPLETE loss of reporting in favor of vitriol suitably obscured to various degrees)

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