“Shithole” hysteria

Haiti and Norway, hmmm? Maybe google images tells that story better than anyone.

So originally, my theory for this post as going to be to find an engineer from Haiti and a loser from Norway and strip from them any identifying features, present them as two bios and ask which would be preferable as in immigrant. But when I searched for “engineers from Haiti” this is what I found

There is a SINGLE mention of an engineer who MIGHT NOT be an American. She attended high school in Maryland, went to Washington U (great school) in St Louis,, and works for General Mills and apparently is about to add an MBA to her qualities. Nearly ALL the other references are about Americans, and American organizations GOING to Haiti to help.

Now there is no doubt that part of the reason Haiti is in the condition it is in is the USA. From WW1 on, when the Germans were trying to establish a naval and submarine base there, we had various strategic interests which did NOT help their national condition.

Help HAS gone there, however. The University of Haiti was rebuilt by the Dominican Republic. Americans are ensuring fresh clean water is made available (hopefully this kind of help is being PREFERENTIALLY sent to  Puerto Rico ..hello AMERICANS? .. now, however), etc.

Of course, built into this view of ‘SHITHOLE’ is that those coming here from Haiti are desperate, poor, unskilled, and in need of help, BY AMERICANS (i.e. aid from the govt), when they arrive.

And the opposite view is that those coming from a western democracy, a developed first world state, are coming here for ACQUIRED POSITIONS, and will contribute to the USA immediately. This is not racist.

Immigration is what MADE America, right? But think of those streaming here from ~1880-1924. These are the people whose children guided, fought, and won WW2. They had no aid, they had relatives or NO ONE, and they began on their own. Right now, today, the USA’s aid programs cost us $398Bn (2015), that is 88% of the $454Bn we pay for INTEREST on the national debt. Our balance of payments with China (who just announced a change in their plans to continue buying american govt securities..they are reducing/stopping) is now at a RECORD HIGH.

This is not 1880, or 1950. This is not ECONOMICALLY, that USA, How much MORE can we do? How much more SHOULD we do?


WHY do others want more and more UNSKILLED immigration?

The FACTS are that people from Haiti are bound to be, in the VAST majority, less skilled, compared to (especially) Scandinavians. Pick a family at random from each. HOW IT IS. Not racism FACT.

I’m sorry it is that way, but it IS that way.

Maybe in 20 years we can RESUME mass immigration from from outside. I hope we can.

But right now, this racism hysteria is not just false, it is an opportunistic enforced spittle laced frenzy which is a circle jerk born of cynical political source to virtue signal to their tribe it is time to caterwaul about the evildoers.

Keep on. Build the wall. Enforce border security, Fulfill ONE of the 2 LARGEST campaign promises .. the Wall and Free trade. Ignore the hysteria, and for god’s sake, Trump, think of what you are saying and who you are saying it to.

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