Time to Let the PEOPLE Govern thru Their Elected Representative-KILL 60 vote CLOTURE and Make Parties ACCOUNTABLE

So it was a nice idea to prevent ‘mob rule’ by making a 60 vote rule to cause the end of debate.

But back when men like Sen. Everett Dirksen and others could be depended upon to (usually) work for the benefit of the nation, and not MERELY party, or its substitute of some kind of ideology, which perforce must now be opposed by evildoers, racists, Nazis, or some other progressive equivalent of self appointed commissars of elite autocracy, this might have been workable.

But not really.

Instead, now we have committed ideologues who USE the 60 vote rule to prevent governance on one hand and find it a convenient excuse to explain why nothing can be achieved and no act committed, thus avoiding the worst possible situation – COMMITTING AN ACT AND ACTUALLY BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR COMMITTING ACTS, LATER.

Both parties right now are hostage to their extremist elements which most Americans find revolting. This is not new. There was a time when BOTH radical abolitionists and slaveholders were held in contempt by those whose ideal was to hold the Union together (most Americans) SOMEHOW.

Thus it is now impossible to see ANY ISSUE except through the lens of ‘the other guys are evil’.

By the time this filters back to a vote we SELDOM get a Senate in which 60 votes can be built, and NEVER get one where 67 voted can be found (thus we get Obamacare, and see the executive act in favor of multiple canards to enact a JCPOA which CANNOT LAST because it could NEVER have gotten 67 votes).

So let’s make each party as they achieve a majority in the Senate and House ACCOUNTABLE immediately, especially if the prez is of the same party, and if they cannot act then, GET RID OF THEM, and if they enact stupid legislation VOTE THEM OUT.

We would probably NOT have a shutdown now (the HOUSE which requires a simple majority, and limits debate, HAS ACTED).

If we get a series of rash and unacceptable mobocracy actions I have CONFIDENCE we will ultimately restore cloture, just as I had FULL confidence that electing someone non white to the presidency was bound to occur.

In the end we ARE fair, idealistic, and VIGILANT in this place, because we WANT to believe in the ideals that sprang out of those men in that lucky time.

So let’s make the parties BOTH accountable, and see if that moderates the extremes, and causes them to enact laws which make sense and GOVERN as we voted them to do, because, JUST LIKE EXTREME MUTATIONS, laws which follow extreme ideas are bound to fail and are NON SURVIVAL actions for lawmakers.




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