Yes Virginia, there is a THERE, THERE

Just not the one some people thought?

So it seems to be a fact …The head of FBI counterintelligence in the time leading up to the appointment of Mueller wasn’t sure it was a good career move to get involved with Mueller becuase he didn’t think there was any collusion.

Oh, and all the texts of the 50,000 these execrable morons sent each other until the day (before?) Mueller was appointed have ‘failed to be preserved’.

Humorous. If you have been made by the world into someone like me.

So, as an Italian newspaper said at the outset of all this collusion and Russia goop melange, with SCARCELY concealed schadenfreude, ‘the American Intelligence Community has finally done to the USA what they have been doing all around the world’.

I have some questions, since it certainly now seems likely some FBI inner SMERSH had a ‘plan’ to cripple, eject, impeach Trump should he be elected.


Yes, readers. WHAT ELSE have some groups at the FBI, DoJ, NSA, CIA taken it upon themselves to perform, ‘for our own good’ .. out in the world and


What else has been done?

Now I ask this out the principle, which Mr Strzok and the FBI have proven once again:


So a brief review, by you out there of the statements of BOTH John Brennan and James Clapper from the campaign to this moment bears this question WELL.

But WORRY. This is the kind moment the founders spoke about and worried over. Our Constitution means NOTHING if we a re not vigilant about it.

I have always had confidence that one (vile?) man as president would be simply constrained. But THIS?

Organized plans inside the intelligence, investigative, and executive arresting authorities which are being used to THWART our will?

The Founders always thought the GREATEST dangers to our freedoms would come from our own government.

And now we see the brand.

Someone go get Sam Ervin, John SIrica, Charles Sumner, William Lloyd Garrison, and Frederick Douglas, Jefferson and Adams (both). Do we have them now to thread our way through this?

I feel the PEOPLE in their hate for this either about Trump or the FBI/DoJ/CIA/NSA now encompass the VAST majority here. It’s time to ensure WE ensure the Constitution is followed no matter WHERE it leads.

We cannot continue with no faith in our institutions.

SO – Mr. McConnell, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Schumer, Ms Pelosi…


Or do we need Woodward and Bernstein?

There must be THOUSANDS in the FBI/DoJ/CIA/NSA disgusted by this. WHERE ARE YOU?

This is the moment.

Or does this end with a Seth Rich, Albert Nisman and Barry and Honey Sherman.

Push terrorism to the side for a moment, perhaps THIS is OUR TEST

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