The Real Sadness About DACA

As I understand it, Trump has offered near total Dreamer legalization AND path to citizenship for the Wall/Border Security, ending chain migration and the lottery. He has PISSED off a lot of his base to offer this

I expected that this would lead arguing over details and a compromise bill.

I would hope this bill would allow people who want to make something of themselves of realize America is the place not for SNAP, but where they can become what they dream of to get here and create, achieve and act in favor of themselves. We can’t just expect everyone to be MSEE’s from Scandinavia, India and Malaysia. The people who came here from 1840-1924 were NOT primarily doctors, lawyers and engineers. I had hoped that compromises to the bill BUILT around a wall and legalization of Dreamers (which is a HUGE thing for the Democrats, BTW) would deal with this.

However, the Democrats reject this completely.

The reasons are quite clear and couldn’t be more sickening.

In a few weeks ALL dreamers will be subject to deportation to nations they probably know little to nothing about. They may even know NO ONE there. The Democrats are letting this happen because if they compromise on a bill, the result will be a choking off of a illegal immigration.

What could be the reason for them WANTING illegal immigration?

Cheap labor for the Democratic party donors?

Immigration lawyer income?

Or is that all this would mean an end to the stream of illegal immigrants would would end up as democratic voters? Their families as voters perhaps already here, and the businesses that had exploited them?

The Democrats would rather have the dreamers DEPORTED than see the shut off of illegal immigration?

Are they SERIOUS?

Are they that cynical?

Are we all?

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