Nancy Pelosi Proves the Republicans Would Lose Every Election to Some Other Party

Crumbs Pelosi announces that $1,000 to $2,000 more for American is more or less not enough for her monthly Ferrero Rocher bill and it’s insulting.

Next we have the Dems turning a blind eye for Maxine Waters responding to the State of the Union Address – Gee I wonder what she’ll say, BESIDES ‘Impeach 45’?

Then we have an image held incommunicado, in fact REPOSSESSED by none other than the Congressional Black Caucus (Hello, ‘civil rights’ icon John Lewis) showing them AND Barack Obama hobnobbing it with smiling anti-american racist. A picture which if I can make an analogy would show Donald Trump and David Duke at a private get together. You know the details, but it is moving enough to bring Alan Dershowitz out to say he would never have supported Mr. Obama had this picture simply been published in the normal order of things and Americans seen it, you know, if it hadn’t been grabbed back and put away by those who hold the angel of civil rights before them.

Next THREE democratic governors band together (NY, NJ, CT…you know, states run by dems with VERY HIGH TAXES, and will exceed the deductable caps) to KILL the Tax Cut/Tax reform for us all.

And then, we have Donald Trump, violating promises to his base in order to give the Dems legalization of all Dreamers AND a path to citizenship for means to really reduce what caused the agonies of these people living here, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION,and what do they call it?

What do they call the plan they have been yelling for?

What is it because it came from the other side?


Make America white again?

Democrats cannot function unless their opposition is EVIL, demonized, unamerican.

Isn’t it enough that they nominated the only person Trump could beat?

Now if you support these Dreamers becoming Americans, guess what – YOU ARE A RACIST.

The Republicans must be thrilled that these are their opponents.

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