Trump and Caligula

Some time after Trump took on the upper IC’s establishment (the Brennan’s, and Clappers, and by extension the upper reaches of NatSec divisions of the DoJ and FBI), John Schindler (is a security expert and former National Security Agency analyst and counterintelligence officer. A specialist in espionage and terrorism, he’s also been a Navy officer and a War College professor. He’s published four books and is on Twitter at @20committee) mentioned that his sources inside the IC had told him that Trump would end his life in a jail cell. Being innocent I thought this meant that the IC, having crossed his path had information on him right then which would mark him for some kind of treasonous activity ..causing me to wonder why they had not destroyed his candidacy long before the nomination. After all his attitude was obvious.

But of course as we can see now, that’s not what the IC meant at all.

In 41 AD the Praetorian Guard, unhappy with the attitudes and actions of the 29 year old emperor Caligula, assassinated him, his wife and daughter, and then, themselves proclaimed and protected his successor, Claudius. Now Caligula was not a good emperor, and Claudius certainly was, but that solution, in fact, undid any idea of order in the revelation of true power, for in 69 AD, this same Praetorian Guard killed Galba (AND his appointed successors), who had succeeded Nero. There followed a long list of emperors of Rome who were abandoned, assassinated and replaced at the behest, action and influence of the Praetorians.

The inner, upper establishments of the IC, DoJ, FBI, and some in the Senate and House now represent a political class supported by donors of this class, some of the large multinationals, and some institutions of higher learning, which all serve each other by inchoate converging views of stability. A stability which serves them. Thus inequality grows.

Now read this

I don’t know if Trump is the answer to some of our problems. I support his initiatives for border security, ending free trade as we have practiced it, and his attitude that only through growth can we really do something about the debt (the interest on which, $454Bn in 2015, was $60Bn more than all the money spent in the nation on aid to the poor). But there is not that much else about him to support. In fact most else is not likable in the least.

But in my judgment, what the new Praetorian Guard, a  more diffuse, but vastly more highly entrenched version is doing is far more dangerous than anything else facing the nation right now.

We all know people who have wanted to or run for office. We all know people who have reached the top of management. We know their personas to one degree or another. It’s my opinion that every one of these people could be tied up the way Trump is being attacked right now.

One or the other parties here is more evil.

Which one is Genco Olive Oil?

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