What was it about Barbara Bush that made her the model of a first lady?

A stay at home mom, who didn’t stay at home?

A first lady whose lack of political venom meant her political efforts, restricted to doing good born out of her own family’s trials (dyslexia, education, and leukemia) were far more effective?

A devotion of such magnitude to a man who returned it, that rumors were stepped on and swept aside by a public that recognized that devotion?

A voracious reader whose unending academic curiosity carried her to undreamed of purpose?

A mother of children who went through an imperfect growth, losing THREE, never curtailed her love, and saw them to a great adulthood, never finding bitterness along the way?

Is there someone who would not have wished their mom or spouse to be at least little like Barbara Bush?

Is there anyone who ever took vows who wouldn’t wish for that which sustained her for SEVENTY THREE years of marriage?


Or was it that she provoked that singular thing inside of us, that after all, it’s possible to believe in goodness that overcomes all personal weakness, especially among those who reach great office, across a lifetime?

Or, is it that what she built with 41 proves that the sum really is greater than the parts, and it’s product lasts past our lives? So, build.


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